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Fefco Case Styles

Fefco. The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers, developed a system of case styles in order to simpllfy long and complicated descriptions.

This official system is Internationally recognised and adopted amongst Case Manufacturers, Merchants and Users.

Descriptions and some examples are shown below.

Fefco Styles

Part No  Description  Styles
0200 Series  Slotted-type boxes, consisting of basically one piece with a glued, stitched or taped manufacturers joint with flaps top and bottom. They are supplied flat, ready to use and are closed using the flaps provided.   
0300 Series  Telescope-type boxes, consisiting of more than one piece and are characterised by a lid and/or bottom, telescoping over the body of the box.   
0400 Series  Folder-type boxes and trays, usually consisting of only one piece of board. The bottom of the box is hinged to form two or all side walls and cover. The boxes can be set up without stitching or taping. Locking tabs, handles, display panels, etc., can be incorporated in the design.   
0500 Series  Slide-type boxes, consisting of several pieces of liners and sleeves sliding into each other. This group also includes outside sleeves for other cases.   
0600 Series  Rigid-type boxes, consisting of two separate end pieces and a body. Stitching or a similar operation is required before they can be used.   
0700 Series  Ready-glued cases consist of basically one piece, are shipped flat and are ready to use by simple setting up.   

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